Yoga Classes

Regular Studio classes

All classes are led by qualified yoga teacher, Rebekah, and held at Y-oga Store in Peckham. Classes are currently held outdoors under a roof and heaters. There are limited spots to attend in-person and unlimited spaces for streaming the class online.

~ Saturdays 9am, Vinyasa Flow

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Class descriptions

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow is a movement through a sequence of postures guided by the breath. 

Each class centres on a particular focus and builds on strength, flexibility and balance. Always ending with a relaxing savasana, you’ll feel reconnected to your body and mind and energised for the week ahead. 

Best For: Learning a wide range of different postures, moving from a more dynamic warm up to slower breath controlled stretches.

The class encourages yoga newbies and those with more experience.

relax & restore

This slow-paced class provides a deeper relaxation of the mind and body’s connective tissue. Poses are held for longer periods of time and often use props, helping to release tensions and open up the body.

Rebekah creates an immersive experience with scented candles, incense and calming music while sharing various teachings and poems.

Best For: Anyone whose energy reserves feel depleted or when  anxiety and stress levels are running high.

Open to all.

Private Coaching

Caring for your mind, body and soul doesn’t have to be something you navigate alone. Rebekah offers one-to-one coaching to help support you with your yoga and wellbeing needs.

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