Building strength through yoga series

Rebekah’s yoga classes are the highlight of my exercise regime. She is great at explaining the positions, picking you up where you may be slipping your pose and there’s always a good balance between dynamic, challenging poses and relaxing sequences. Over just four weeks, I feel stronger, more flexible and definitely more relaxed. She is a queen Yogi!


“As a complete beginner, I was made to feel comfortable and welcomed into her class. It was a big challenge for me, but I felt completely supported with her engaging, timely and succinct instruction. Highly professional and yet highly approachable. 10/10.”

A thoroughly enjoyable class which is always welcoming and provides an environment conducive to improvement but without pressure. Everything is explained clearly and step by step, while there is also opportunity for advancements of each pose so it really is accessible to all, regardless of experience. Each class was familiar enough so that you could improve the same pose and progress, but also incorporated unfamiliar and interesting additions each time to optimise engagement. Becky is a great teacher and very helpful!! I look forward to more yoga classes in future.

Rebekah is an excellent instructor who encourages you to build your strength through well thought out, progressive sessions. I enjoyed learning with her and was motivated to keep going throughout!

Great series of yoga classes delivered with clear and calm instruction. Encouraging and challenging helping me to build a stronger practice 

The classes were really enjoyable and included a great combination of relaxation and more challenging strength work. They were always interesting, well-paced and varied. I saw a good improvement in my strength, balance and flexibility week-on-week

The soothing sound of Rebekah’s voice is enough to make me join her yoga classes. Each class is dynamic and brings something new and I always feel re-energised at the end. I love her reassurance that it’s ok to go at your own pace, making her practice suitable for anyone.