Physical Signs of Anxiety

Anxiety looks different for everyone. It’s often thought of a something that only affects the mind, but anxiety can be experienced as a variety of physical symptoms. When these physical symptoms persist for a long time, it can understandably be worrying and mistaken for other medical conditions. People can go through months of hospital visits, … Continue reading Physical Signs of Anxiety

Sleep Hygiene: Tips for Sleep Success

This article covers ⬇️ Why we sleepThe optimal amount of sleepWhat is sleep hygiene?Insomnia Why do we need sleep? There is a close relationship between sleep and health. Humans spend roughly 1/3 of their life asleep, yet understanding the depth of sleep physiology is something that still has many scientist scratching their heads. What we … Continue reading Sleep Hygiene: Tips for Sleep Success

Gut Health – The Essential Guide

  Your gut plays a hugely important role in how your feeling day to day. Dive in to PANA's Essential Guide to find out why... What is gut health? Why is gut health so important? Understanding your gut Listening to your gut Looking after your gut Dietary changes for a happier gut Probiotics What is … Continue reading Gut Health – The Essential Guide