Physical Signs of Anxiety

Anxiety looks different for everyone. It’s often thought of a something that only affects the mind, but anxiety can be experienced as a variety of physical symptoms. When these physical symptoms persist for a long time, it can understandably be worrying and mistaken for other medical conditions. People can go through months of hospital visits, … Continue reading Physical Signs of Anxiety

Talking Therapy: A Quick Guide.

Talking therapy is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It doesn't need to be something you frantically reach for when things start to go wrong. Ongoing maintenance and engagement with your mental wellbeing can help you thrive in all areas of life. There are many types of therapy. For certain problems and … Continue reading Talking Therapy: A Quick Guide.

5 Tips for Reducing Stress in Lockdown

The world has recently been thrown into a time of change and uncertainty. As a result, many of us will experience an increase in feelings of stress and anxiety. There are many great ways to reduce stress and improve wellbeing that are often advised; staying active, eating and sleeping well, yoga and mindfulness. Here are … Continue reading 5 Tips for Reducing Stress in Lockdown

Movement & the Mind 2019

On Saturday 5th October, attendees gathered at King’s College Hospital in South London for the first ever Movement & The Mind conference. Leaders in the field of physical activity for mental health and brain development received a warm welcome from a cohort of clinicians, therapists, scientists and students as they explored and discussed their research. … Continue reading Movement & the Mind 2019

Feeling tired? Here’s 7 Reasons Why…

Thanks to Mide Ololade BSc for contributing this article. Tiredness… You’re probably reading this and yawning right now. But if it isn’t my writing putting you to sleep, then there’s a chance you’re tired. Most of the time we know what’s causing our tiredness and how to resolve it. But what about the times when … Continue reading Feeling tired? Here’s 7 Reasons Why…