Sleep Hygiene: Tips for Sleep Success

This article covers ⬇️ Why we sleepThe optimal amount of sleepWhat is sleep hygiene?Insomnia Why do we need sleep? There is a close relationship between sleep and health. Humans spend roughly 1/3 of their life asleep, yet understanding the depth of sleep physiology is something that still has many scientist scratching their heads. What we … Continue reading Sleep Hygiene: Tips for Sleep Success

Why Runners Need Yoga

Running holds a whole host of benefits for cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and mental health. However, with your feet striking the ground over 1000 times in the average mile and the force of impact being up to 4 times your body weight, it is unsurprising that over time regular running can often lead to body … Continue reading Why Runners Need Yoga

Treating Lower Back Pain (2)

Part 2 of the lower back pain (LBP) series. Read about the causes of LBP (part 1) here. Here's a quick recap about the causes of LBP... Approximately 80% of adults will experience at least one episode of LBP during their lifetime. 5-10% of cases result from tissue specific damage, while 90% have no identifiable cause … Continue reading Treating Lower Back Pain (2)

Feeling tired? Here’s 7 Reasons Why…

Thanks to Mide Ololade BSc for contributing this article. Tiredness… You’re probably reading this and yawning right now. But if it isn’t my writing putting you to sleep, then there’s a chance you’re tired. Most of the time we know what’s causing our tiredness and how to resolve it. But what about the times when … Continue reading Feeling tired? Here’s 7 Reasons Why…

Coconut Oil: What the Science Says

Here we have a fresh look into current studies to help to decide whether coconut oil as a dietary fat should be considered a friend or a foe. Thanks to Merilin Toomra, ANutr – a registered Associate Nutritionist at AfN - for contributing this article. Coconut oil is a tropical oil extracted either from coconut … Continue reading Coconut Oil: What the Science Says