Private Coaching

*** We are currently at maximum capacity for private coaching. Please use the form at the end of this page or contact us here to register your interest for coaching in the future. ***

Understanding the best way to nurture your health and wellness can be a difficult process. There’s endless amounts of information about there, much of it saying conflicting things. Caring for your mind, body and soul doesn’t have to be something you navigate alone.

Alongside her group classes, Rebekah offers one-to-one coaching to help support you with your physical and mental wellbeing needs.

Private classes

Rebekah teaches private one-to-one classes in the comfort of your office, home or online.

Fees are £50 per hr for appointments within 2 miles of Denmark Hill station, and and £65 per hour for appointments in London outside of this area.


★ Length of sessions?

60 mintes

★ Where are sessions held?

Sessions either take place online via Zoom video call, or in the comfort of your own home.

Pricing (per session)

Online or in within 2 miles of Denmark Hill Station – £50.
Outside a 2 mile radius of Denmark Hill Station – £65.

★ What’s included?

We’ll have a short phone call before our first session to discuss your preferences and what you would like to work towards. After our session, you have the option to receive a follow up email to with reminders of what we covered and things to help you moving forward.

★ Do you provide equipment?

For those who need it, can provide blocks, a strap and an eye mask. You must provide your own yoga mat.

★ How do I book?

Use the form at the bottom of this page to enquire about booking a session or email directly.

★ Disclaimer

Please note that Rebekah does not offer medical advice in any of these sessions.

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