Black Lives Matter: How you can help.

Understand what is happening and why.

Why are people protesting?

Protests began in the US after a video showed Mr Floyd, 46, being arrested on 25 May in Minneapolis and a white police officer continuing to kneel on his neck even after he pleaded that he could not breathe.

The murder of George Floyd is not an isolated incident. It is a continum of injustice and inequality that has existed for hundreds of years. It needs to stop.

Protests in Minnesota, USA:

For live updates on the protests in Minnesota, follow the BLM St. Paul Facebook Page. To support protesting in Minnesota, you can donate via this linktree and this Facebook page.

Protests in the UK:

Worried about the spread of coronavirus in protests?

Public health experts highlight that protests will undoubtably contribute to the spread of coronavirus. However, “structural racism has been a public-health crisis for much longer than the pandemic has”. When protesting please maintain social distancing as much as possible and wear protective masks.

Why are people posting black boxes on social media?

Originally started by the music industry, #BlackOutTuesday has become a part of the global protests against the murder of George Floyd and the countless number of black people killed by the police before him.  

#BlackOutTuesday and #BlackLivesMatter are not just hashtags that we can use on social media, but stands for the change that society needs to bring about to ensure we live a world free from racism and discrimination.

It is intended to encourage you to take time out of our day to think about how we all can constructively engage in the fight against racism and police brutality in the UK, US and across the world, not just for this moment but the future.

How you can help:

Things to Read

Please buy books from to support independent book stores in the UK.

  1. Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race – Renni Eddo-Lodge
  2. White Fragility – Robin Diangelo
  3. 75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice
  4. How Do I Make Sure I’m Not Raising The Next Amy Cooper
  5. Anti-racism resources
  6. Colour of change

Petitions to Sign

Over a certain number of signatures, petitions have to debated in government. This gives the possibility that there will be positive change in the law.

to Listen / Watch

  1. Trevor Noah speaking frankly about George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper
  2. About Race
  3. The 1619 Project

UK charities to donate to

  1. Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust
  2. Runnymede Trust
  3. Show Racism the Red Card

black Businesses to Support

Originally posted by @emames7. Compiled with help from resources online @ukjamii@blackwomensdirectory@IamKristabel.

1. Original Flava @originalflava
2. Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen by @ghanakitchen
3. Hibiscus by Lopè Ariyo @lopeariyo
4. Ethiopia by Yohanis Gebreyesus @chef_yohanis
5. Belly Full by Riaz Phillips @Belly.full

Food & Drink 
1. Chikas snacks @chikasfoods
2. Grazing Boxes @berryandbrie 
3. Yard Confectionary @yardconfectionery
4. Cabby’s Rum @cabbysrum
5. Cham Cham hot pepper sauce @nimsdin
6. @patandpinkys 
7. @theblackfarmer
8. @thegymkitchen ✨

Beauty & Haircare Brands 
1. Liha Beauty: skin oils, shea butters @LihaBeauty 
2. BeautyStack: discover and book treatments @beautystack 
3. Bouclème: afro and curly hair products @boucleme 
4. Afrocenchix: Hair products @afrocenchix 
5. The Afro Hair and Skin Company: shampoo bars, hair masks, face masks @afrohairandskinco
6. @radswan (launching soon) ✨

Fashion & Accessory brands 
1. Wales Bonner: menswear and womenswear @walesbonner
2. Casely-Hayford: suits @caselyhayfordlondon
3. Daughter of a Bohemian: upcycled pieces and workshops @daughterofabohemian
4. Daily Paper: menswear and womenswear 
5. Aaks: basket bags @a.a.k.s 
6. Martine Rose @martine_rose
7. Nubian Skin @nubianskin 
8. Sincerely Nude @sincerelynude

Home & Lifestyle 
1. Prick: cacti and plantcare  @prickldn
2. Bespoke Binny @bespokebinny
3. New Beacon Books : Specialists in African and Caribbean Literature @newbeaconbooks
4. Bonita Vie Stationary @bonitaivieprints
5. Reset Travel
@Resettravel ✨

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