Welcome to Pana

An inclusive space for mind, body and medicine. We unite soul and science to cultivate better health and happiness.

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What we do


Weekly yoga classes to help you build strength, mobility and confidence in your body.


Join Pana community events or book us to host classes, wellness workshops and talks.


Discover support from qualified practitioners for your yoga and wellbeing needs.

Through the celebration of black culture, we provide a space that is inclusive and welcomes underrepresented communities.

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Meet the Founder

Rebekah is a final year medical student, yoga teacher and Physiology BSc (Hons) graduate from King’s College London.

She founded Pana after feeling her conventional medicine training lacked understanding of how to care for the mind and body across a lifetime, with the prevention of disease.

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Discover articles written by experts diving deeper into science, practice and important issues.